Kids bank accounts

soooo few to choose from and most of them get a crap interest rate, Matthew and I have been wondering how to get the best of the kids pocket money and show them what we were never taught,, ie how to make your money grow.

it seems that there are really nice interest rates with caveat that you have to be over 18… or must deposit every month at least $25.. so how do we start?

most parents will have a dollarmite account for their kids and that is ok, we have a st george dragon direct account attached to it so that the kids are getting  (as of this date) 6.25% pa now that is double what they are getting in the dollarmite account and they can see it growing online so bonus there. we will be looking around for more information and bringing it to you as we find it out and work out how to navagate the red tape so that you can do it more easily.. cool huh?

Cheers for now


breast cancer and hypnosis

I have recently received an email from Anne Spencer from the infinity institute bout the uses of hypnosis in cancer and surgery… a very interesting thing to allow the mind to take you on a holiday whilst the body is healing itself.

I apologise for the direct copy but it seems the best way to let you know about this…


The following was submitted to us by Christina Gikas and we are pleased to share it with you today.

ABC News

Hypnosis Reduces Breast Surgery Side Effects

Pain, Nausea and Other Side Effects Mitigated by Pre-Surgery Sessions, Study Shows

By SUSAN KANSAGRA, M.D., ABC News Medical Unit

Aug. 28, 2007 –

It’s something that’s usually associated with stage performances and helping smokers quit, but new research suggests hypnosis may soon be an important tool in helping patients endure common side effects of breast cancer surgery.


Researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York showed that a 15-minute hypnosis session reduced side effects including pain, nausea and emotional distress in patients undergoing breast cancer operations.

The study was published Tuesday in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

“If this were a drug, it would be very successful,” said lead study author Guy Montgomery, director of the Integrative Behavioral Medicine Program at Mount. Sinai School of Medicine.

Montgomery added that hypnosis carries the added benefit of having no side effectsa quality that makes it an attractive alternative to many drugs used for similar purposes.

Two hundred women who were about to undergo surgeries like a breast biopsy or removal of a suspicious breast lump participated in the study. About half of the women received a 15-minute hypnosis session shortly before their operations. The other women in the study had a consultation with a psychologist before surgery.

The hypnosis session included relaxation exercises that encouraged the women to think of pleasant thoughts, such as a beach on warm day. The women who did not undergo hypnosis talked to a psychologist, who listened and offered supportive comments only.

After their surgeries, the women who had hypnosis experienced less pain, nausea, fatigue, discomfort and emotional upset than their counterpartsand these differences were substantial, the study’s authors reported.


Not only did hypnosis reduce the side effects from surgery, but it also did this while reducing the amount of anesthesia used during the surgery. Additionally, the researchers showed that hypnosis decreased the amount of time spent in the operating room by almost 11 minutes, leading to an overall cost savings of about $770 per patient.

These results were seen despite the fact that treatments involving hypnotism don’t work for everyone; previous studies have shown that about 11 percent of people are resistant to hypnosis. But researchers noted that the tests used to weed out hypnosis-resistant women from the study would have taken longer to perform than the hypnosis itself.

Believing in Good Results


Hypnosis is believed to work by helping patients expect good results. It also helps take attention away from pain, and some studies have even shown that hypnosis can actually change the way a patient perceives pain.

“When we take an aspirin & we expect to have headache relief,” Montgomery said. “One of the things hypnosis is very good at is helping people form expectancy to these outcomes, such as less pain and less nausea.”

While hypnosis is commonly associated with a loss of control, many doctors say it is a powerful tool that patients can use to take charge of their own health.


C. Richard Chapman, professor and director of the Pain Research Center at the University of Utah said, “This study adds to a growing body of evidence showing that psychological interventions complement medical interventions. & Such interventions empower patients by engaging them in their own care and giving them control over their own pain, nausea and discomfort.”

Montgomery said that even patients who are skeptical about or fearful of hypnosis can take advantage of its benefits if they are properly counseled.

“We’re going to tell you that hypnosis is typically not like hypnosis used in television or seen in movies,” he said. “Rather, its something that we can do together that can help you reduce side effects. & You’re really the person in control.”

Adding to this notion is the fact that the hypnosis sessions the women underwent included instruction on how they could perform hypnosis on themselves in the future.


Not Just for Breast Cancer Surgery

In addition to being effective, hypnosis may also prove to be a versatile tool. The benefits of hypnosis have been shown in previous research to extend to other procedures as well, including gynecological surgery and coronary artery bypass.

Montgomery said he is hopeful that doctors continue to expand the use of hypnosis in other medical applications.


“This could become part of standard care,” he said. However, he added, “it’s not a panacea for everything, but rather a tool in the toolbox that we can use to address specific problems.”


Copyright © 2007 ABC News Internet Ventures

Carpe Diem…

Anne H. Spencer, PhD

Founder, Exec Director ~ 27 Years Teaching the Power of the Mind ~


Thisamazing, the healing power of the mind can really kick it up a notch when you realise exactly how to get there.

Be well, hug those you love


A handfull of hair

My little 7yo daughter Amazon just pulled a handfull of hair out of her own head just to prove that she could to the witchlings who are staying tonight (while I and their dad are at rehersals, their mum is on night shift at the moment) Hubby is looking after them.

The thing that amazes me is that we all use hypnotic states at all times, and in children, well, they are just as easy as that, they fall into an altered state easily and naturally.

Amazon supressed the usual feeling of something pulling her haid (and yes, every morning is a trauma when we have to brush it) and actually riped out her hair… the primary gain was strong enough psychologically that she could feel nothing as she was doing this.

And this is why people can have operations under hypnotic anethetic, amazing isn’t it?

I personally gave my husband a week long anesthetic from his teeth hurting as it was going to take that long to get to the dentist.

Command language aside, this is just remarkable and easily available for any one who really wants to apply themselves, they can do anything.


be well


Clinical Hypnotherapy and its applications in life

how is it, when I mention I am a hypnotherapist, people get paranoid? is everyone really that poor of self esteem that they think that I could be bothered delving into their lives without their permission or request?

I am not usually interested in the deep psyke of others unless I have to deal with them in a meaninful way, the FEAR that I have seen my profession evoke in people is truely amazing, I have been accused of analysing people when I ask a simple question to a friend just because I want to know, not as an analytical tool.

And yes, I realise that this is because they are reacting to a gestalt and it is not what I said, it is still confronting when a simple comment can lead to hysterics and tears.

clearly the counselling they are already receiving (for the last 5 years) is not working or is moving way too slow, people heal much more quickly than you realise, the power of controlling your mind and feeding the good focus in convincing your subconscious that it is indeed ok and a comment can be made without it relating directly to you and that you make youself feel bad because of that comment.

ok, off my chest now

good thing that no one reads this blog, I get to vent and therefore have a discussion with all the different parts of my psyke.

be well and chill out every one



Been so long….

Well, there has been drama, tears and someone left her husband… again none of it me…

My little sister lobbed up on our doorstep with her 3 kids… ok, she has left her husband… ok,  he was substandard anyway…  and by the way… here is her new boyfriend… WOW!!

I have to tell you, how amazing are people, the capacity to change is enormous and yet we spend our time holding onto our limitations, I am not talking physical, although they are a product of the psyche, not what you are born with but what you do with it, I am talking about  the ability to STOP SMOKING ONCE YOU DECIDE IT IS TIME.  or to clean the house in 15 minutes because you just got that phone call from the in laws or a particulariy fastidious Aunt just wants to pop in.

It is always amazing how under the right constraints we can do anything and achieve goals rapidly and with seemingly little effort on our part, like looking back after you have finished this years tax and saying to youself… well, that was easier than I thought!!

Did Leomardo di vinci have self doubt? he probably did, but it cetainly was not apparent in his work, did Mozart hear horrible music in his head? and if he did, did he choose to re write it as he went along?

It is apparent that our internal beliefs effect our lives and our appearances, the way we inteact with the world and the way in which we see the world from our own point of view,

A really good friend of mine looked at a note that I was stressing about and saw that there was no malice in it, only my (ridiculously) jaded thoughts gave it a different twist it is something that we all do every day… look through our own reality bubble, time for me to join others so that I can help them change the shape of their bubble and redecorate it a little.




Been a little busy

 Will email soon

Been quite busy and also unwell

Health is important

look after youself so that you can look after others


So Oprah just did “The Secret” on Australian TV

The Amazing thing about the secret is that is isn’t people have been talking about it for centuries

Hold a memory of a person for long enough and they will contact you (yes, even if it is a dream then it is contact)

we ask for things all the time without actually realising that we do

saying “its awful” over and over again really compounds the fact that what is in that world is and will remain, believing and looking forward for things to change and working on a future.. that gives both you and the universe something to aim for.

Because as soon as you mention that you want “that”, then suddenly you may begin to see many other people whom already have “that” and when you associate or relate to those people you will find out how to get “that”, it is a snowball effect that just keeps going.

Be grateful for what you have… I have a beautiful husband and gorgeous children, and the more I get to know them the luckier I feel… even in the challenging times – and there are many in life, I am lucky because there is always hope and everything eventually passes both good and bad… when you focus on the good bits then the bad falls away, shrivels and drops off like it is supposed to…. gain learning from every challenge… look at it and say thankyou for being here, what do I need to learn?

Learn to say “thankyou for giving me this” say it to yourself, others and the universe

and watch with child like wonder as your life changes for the better little by little and you notice it.

law of compounding says that a little movement now can make a huge difference in the future, just one little baby step of self appreciation and love and off you go on the best Alice in wonderland ride ever!!

Be well and happy


The power of attraction is exciting

The power of attraction is an old tale, there are days that everything seems right and it all goes along swimmingly, easily and happily

And there are days that this does not happen

…. what is going on?

When you decide to be a certain way then things happen for you… I have recently seen a movie called “The Secret”, it is very American in that all the physicists and theologists are American and so as an Aussie, this sometimes gets in the way (the accent can be a little difficult to understand and I accept that ours maybe as well to our friends across the sea)

None the less, it rings true!!

when you concentrate on something then it will be attracted to you.. Just the other day I was focussing on getting my assignments done and an email cam from out of the blue that triggered a cascade work and as such all the other things that had been hasseling me just fell away and I am now able to just sit and achieve each assignment as needed.

even more easily than before!! when I chose the words “I want to finish my assigments in the next 2 weeks… it starts to happen and the inspiration just lifts you to a plane of existance that is focussed where you want to be!!

So be specifi…. what do you want? couch it positively and work it!!

it is easier than you thought!!


Mums and the importance of self love and acceptance

And I wonder what you are doing today? I have been out and about talking to pregnant women and getting amazing results in having them feel good about themselves.. and in pregnancy that makes all the difference, recent studies have shown that our ancestors nutrition and lifestyle has an effect on the genes that they have passed down… so not only are you what you eat…. so are your children… and so on The British journal of psychiatry.

it says that keeping preggy mum happy and well nourished leads to better birthweight

Cortisol is the fright flight or fight hormone we get it from stress, while we need a little of it every day to get us out of bed and doing stuff, too much too regularly makes the blood sticky, this means it is harder to get the oxygen and nutrients through to baby because guess what? baby is not a body organ and is not as important as the heart, liver and bits that belong to mama so blood will be drawn away from the uterus in a highly stressful situation so that mama can fight off a tiger… or such things

Our bodies look after us first and that means babies are second, so when we are living our l indulging in stress and are pregnant at the same time… the little ones are bathed on our emotions so make sure that you want the baby, sit quietly and thank it from time to time for just being there and allow the love you feel for it and for you to flood your systems, your baby will feel this and respond by growing even more healthily than before

Be Well


love a little more…. live a little longer

its just that simple


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